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Chinese Medicine for Bleeding Disorder Symptoms

Chinese Medicine for Bleeding Disorder Symptoms

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TCM to Stop Bleeding

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The three general blood pathologies in TCM are:
1 – Bleeding, 2- Stagnant Blood, 3- Deficient Blood
Thus there are three categories of herbs to treat these conditions:
There are herbs to Build the Blood, and there are herbs to Move the Blood. And there are the herbs that Stop Bleeding.

When treating bleeding problems with herbs, there are additional factors to consider such as the location of the bleeding, the TCM diagnosis, and the constitution of the patient. It must be kept in mind that most herbs used to stop bleeding can have a stagnating effect when used long term.

Herbs for Bleeding Disorders

Cold induced bleeding is treated with warming herbs like AI YE (mugwort).
Bleeding caused by heat (Reckless Maruding of Blood) is treated with herbs like CE BAI YE, HUAI HUA MI, DA JI. These herbs can be combined with blood cooling substances, such as MU DAN PI, SHENG DI HUANG, AND CHI SHAO. When blood heat is combined with or caused by yin deficiency, the above can be combined with E JIAO, HAN LIAN CAO, OR SHU DI HUANG. When spleen deficiency is the cause, herbs to tonify the spleen are added to the formula.

Other herbs used to stop bleeding include: Human Hair (XUE YU TAN), Lotus Receptacle LIAN FANG, and pollen PU HUANG, but probably the most often used herb, which is useful for both traumatic bleeding, and deficiency caused bleeding disorders is Pseudoginseng root SAN QI.
Chronic bleeding disorder require the attention of a Chinese herbologist.

Safest Chinese Herb Used To Stop Bleeding

PSEUDOGINSENG (San qi, tienchi, tinchi)
Said to stop bleeding without promoting clotting, reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Taoists monks use it as a life-extender and general tonic. North Vietnamese soldiers used it during the Vietnam war. Do not use during pregnancy.



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