Digestion and TCM 

Moderation is the key to digestive happiness.

Excesses in consumption, emotional extremes, and unpredictable eating schedules cause digestive malfunctions, and eventually result in serious breakdowns of overall health.

The health of our digestive organs depend the free circulation of energy (Qi) and fluids (Blood).  Flows nourish and clean, exciting muscles, stimulating hormones, sustaining cell growth, and providing for the elimination of wastes. 

When these flows are restricted, bad things happen - and pain is often the first sign. "Where there's pain, there's no flow, and where there's flow, there's no pain."

Abdominal Pain

There are numerous flows within the digestive system. Obviously, there's the flow of food, but there's also the flow of fluids like blood to nourish the cells, mucus to lubricate the organs, and saliva and other digestive enzymes needed to break down and absorb nutrients. Pain is a sign that flow is being restricted.

     Shen Clinic TCM Advice

    A Few Common Stomach Pains

    The following Chinese medicines are frequently used to treat various conditions.

    Symptom TCM Condition Common Causes Common Remedy
    Pain and Nausea  Indigestion  Dietary excess Curing Pills
    Heartburn Pain Stomach Fire Diet, Food Stagnation Clear the Stomach Pill
    Pain, Hiccups Stomach Cold Weak Digestive Qi, Diet Ginger root tea
    Acid Reflux, Pain Liver Invades Stomach Anger, Frustration, Weak Qi Shu Gan Wan
    Cough with White Frothy Phlegm Spleen Deficiency Dietary Habits Er Chen Wan


    Nausea and Acid Reflux
    “rebellious stomach qi”

    Digestive energy is supposed to go down. When this flow is reversed, symptoms of nausea, vomiting, acid reflux and hiccups result. Common causes of this reversal include: weak stomach qi, emotional disturbance, and improper eating habits 

    Herbs for Ulcers

    Western medicine believes that stomach and duodenal ulcers are caused by a bacteria known as H. Pylori. Studies have shown the presence of these organisms where ulcers are found. These bacteria are unusual because the acid nature of the stomach usually destroys most other bacteria.
    We believe that other conditions may create a favorable environment for H. pylori to breed. A deficiency of stomach yin (moistening fluids) or dietary excesses or other improper eating habits are common causes.
    Herbs for Intestines
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