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Herbs for Warts

Herbs for Warts

Herbs for Warts (
verrucae vulgaris)

Chinese Herbs for Warts

Warts are called Wian Ri Chuang (thousand day sores). According to Western medicine they are a form of viral vegetation. According to Chinese medicine they are caused by lingering pathogenic wind in the skin caused by Liver Blood Deficiency

Topical Treatment for Common Warts, Flat Warts, Filiform Warts, and Plantar Warts

1-Direct burning with moxa (not recommended, as this can cause burns)

2-Wash and rub with a decocted mixture of MU ZEI (herba equestria) (30gms) and XIANG FU (rhizoma cyperi) (30 grs) in 1500 ml of water. 2x per day for 30 minutes each time.

3-Smash a kernel of fructus bruceae. After protecting the surrounding skin with petroleum jelly, apply the oil from the seed kernel  to the wart once every other day. Be careful as this oil is extremely caustic.

4-Rub the wart once a day with endothelium corni (chicken gizzard), after it has been soaked in water.

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Internal Herbal Formula for Warts

CI SHI – Magnetitum
ZHEN ZHU- Margaritifera
MU LI – Ostrera concha
HONG HUA – Carthami flos
TAO REN – Persica semen
ZAO JIAO CI – Gleditsia spina
JIN YIN HUA – Lonicerae Flos
HUANG BAI – Phellodendri Cortex

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