Chinese Herbs for Prostate Health

Chinese Herbs for Prostate Health

Chinese Herbs For A Healthy Prostate

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the prostate gland as part of the Kidney system which is kind of a combination of the urinary system, reproductive system, nervous system, and skeletal system. Treatment for prostate conditions can be very effective when the correct herbal drugs are prescribed. From a modern point of view, prostate complaints fall into three main types: Prostate Hypertrophy (enlarged prostate), Prostatitis (inflamed prostate), and Prostate Cancer.

The TCM view is a little different but nonetheless, quite workable.

Prostate Conditions According to TCM

Excess Type – (Acute Prostatitis)
 Pain, burning urination, dark urine, pus or blood, strong odor. The pulse is rapid.
Caused by pathogenic intrusions such as bacteria, virus, or other invasive organism or toxin.
Treated with herbs that clear heat, and clean toxins, and are normally used for infections and inflammations.

Herbal Medicines for Excess Type Prostate Conditions

Kidney Bladder Damp Heat
These formulas are also used for other forms of lower body damp heat such as bladder infections and kidney stones. They are most effective when taken in combination.
Ba Zheng Wan (Eight Righteous)
Shi Lin Tong

Deficiency Type Prostate Conditions

Chronic Prostate Swelling (BPH)

Pressure, distention, or a “bearing down sensation”, frequent urination, dribbling urination is caused by a deficiency; most commonly Kidney or Spleen YANG Deficiency. Those with Spleen YANG deficiency may also have weak digestion or loose stool. Those with Kidney YANG Deficiency may also experience low back weakness, low sexual desire, feeling cold, or tired on waking after a full night’s sleep. This condition in the elderly may also involve a deficiency of Kidney Jing which can be supplemented with He Shou Wu
Herbal medicine is used to Tonify Kidney, Tonify Spleen, Astringe the Kidney, and also for premature hair loss and prematurely  greying hair

Other Herbal Medicines for Deficiency Types of Prostate Conditions

These two are also best taken in combination.
Kai Kit Prostate Gland Pill
Golden Book Pill is also used to treat other forms of Kidney deficiency.

Herbs Supporting the Treatment of  Prostate Cancer (High PSA)

There was once a great interest in a Chinese herbal formula called PC-SPES (PC for prostate cancer; SPES is said to be Latin for “hope”). The herbal drug appeared to dramatically lower PSA levels in patients with some kinds of advanced prostate cancer. Proponents of PC-SPES said that the herbal drug achieves this effect because of its immune enhancing and anti-cancer properties.

Its popularity was enhanced when several MD researchers reported good results using the compound. These reports appeared in the NEJM, interestingly not as a breakthrough for herbal medicine, but rather as a caution to doctors that herbs could powerfully affect hormones and were therefore an unregulated hazard.

However, certain problems about this therapy have since come to light. First, that it achieves its PSA lowering effect by affecting hormones, rather than through any anti-cancer or immune enhancing effect. Second, it turns out not to be an herbal drug. In 2002, the U.S. FDA recalled the product when it discovered that it contained one or more pharmaceutical agents.

Real treatment of prostate cancer with Chinese herbs is according to the principle of Fu Zheng Gu Ben. “Fu Zheng” means strengthening what is correct. “Gu Ben” means regeneration and repair.
There is one product of note called Rabdosia Prostate formula, which has been prescribed by TCM practitioners for elevated PSA.

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TCM associates enlargement of the prostate with kidney deficiency. In middle age the kidney energy declines, resulting in the reduction of sex hormones and decreases one's sexual energy, which affects the function and the circulation of the prostate gland. Chinese medical theory has always postulated that deficiency causes swelling, therefore Qi (energy) deficiencies in the prostate gland causes it to enlarge causing what is known in the West as benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In order to compensate for this decline, men in China have historically used acupuncture treatments to enhance the circulation and energy in the prostate. To support the effect of acupuncture, they have also used Chinese herbs in traditional herbal formulas to replenish the kidney essence. Thus acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine help to normalize prostate function and restrain enlargement.

Acupuncture and Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a condition caused when the prostate gland becomes infected or inflamed. In Western medicine these conditions are treated with powerful antibiotics. This treatment is usually effective when bacterial infections are the cause, however sometimes these medications are used even when bacteria are not present. This can lead to resistance to antibiotics as well as allergic reactions to these powerful drugs.

In non-infective prostatitis, acupuncture may be a safer and more effective way to relieve this painful condition.

Acupuncture and Prostate Cancer

Acupuncture will not cure prostate cancer, but it can play a role in relieving symptoms caused by radiation and other prostate cancer treatments. Acupuncture can be useful as a post surgical treatment to relieve pain and promote healing.

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