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Herbs That Kill Lice

Herbs That Kill Lice

Chinese Herbs for Lice

Throw away your pesticide based lice product, and forget about tea tree oil and other nasty herbs. This combination of two Chinese herbs, used according to the following directions, stops the itching and kills lice and nits overnight.


Stemona Root, Stemona Radix, Bai Bu   70%
Traditional function: Kills lice

Sophora Root, Sophora Flavescente, Ku Shen  30%
Traditional function: Stops itch

 Boil three ounces of chopped whole dried herbs in 6 cups of water in a non-aluminum container for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally, and watch pot to prevent boiling over. Strain, discard herb dregs, and allow liquid to cool. Apply liquid generously to hair and scalp. Cover hair with shower cap or towel overnight then wash hair and comb out nits with a fine tooth comb. Repeat if necessary.

NOTE: Be sure to take all other precautions such as removing and laundering clothes and bedding. Though this product most often works on the first application, a second application can often help to prevent recurrence.

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