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Herbs for Inflammation

Herbs for Inflammation

Herbs for Inflammation
Chinese Medicine for Heat

Modern medicine is beginning to understand how inflammation can threaten our health and damage our well being. 

But a long time ago, doctors in China already knew this, as 'inflammation' is  much the same as the ancient's idea of 'heat'.

Today, inflammation is diagnosed when part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and possibly painful.  It's a common reaction to injury, infection, allergies, and other irritants, and may be an immune response to neutralize or heal these pathogens.

Traditional Chinese medicine has dealt with these inflammatory symptoms for millennia and has reached its own understanding.  

We understand that heat, like all energy, is provocative. It makes things go; it makes things warm.  Heat makes your heart beat fast, activates your glands, and raises your temperature.

It's a complex issue for the TCM herbalist. We must discern the exact type and nature of the heat in order to choose the best herb or formula.  Are we dealing with Excess Heat or Deficiency Heat? Is it Liver Heat, Heart Heat, Lung Heat, or something else?  What is provoking it? 

A Few Types of Heat

Type of Heat  Examples
Wind Heat influenza, measles
Damp Heat purulent infections, dysentery
Yin Deficient Heat hot flashes, night sweats
Phlegm Fire schizophrenia 
Blood Heat skin eruptions
Heart Heat anxiety, panic attacks
Liver Heat anger, mood swings
Stomach Fire ulcers, heartburn, halitosis
Summer Heat sunstroke, heatstroke 



Though Heat clearing herbs can be derived from animals, minerals, or all parts of a plant, the flowers and aerial parts of plants usually possess the strongest cooling properties.  A few common examples are:

Mint - Clears Wind Heat
Violet - Removes Toxic Heat
Honeysuckle - Clears Heat Cleans Toxin
Chrysanthemum - Clears Wind Heat from the Eyes
Dandelion - Clears Liver Heat, Purges Fire
Kudzu flower - Purges Heat from the Muscles and Surface



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Common Formulas for Heat

YIN CHIAO CHIEH TU PIAN (Honeysuckle & Forsythia Clean Toxin)  Wind Heat

BAI HU TANG (White Tiger Decoction)  Clears heat from the Qi Level

HUANG LIAN JIE DU TANG (Coptis Decoction to Relieve Toxic Heat)

ZHI BAI DI HUANG WAN (Rehmannia 8) for Yin Deficiency with Heat

PU JI XIAO DU YIN (Universal Benefit Formula)  Interior Heat & Fire Toxins

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