Chinese Herbs For Hair Loss, Alopecia, And Premature Gray Hair

  • Causes of Hair Loss according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Causes of Premature Graying according to Chinese Medicine
  • Using Chinese Herbs for Alopecia


Shen Clinic TCM Advice

What Causes Hair Loss According to TCM?

Healthy hair depends on an abundant flow of qi and blood to the scalp and hair roots. If this nourishing flow is compromised, the hair will suffer.

Diminished nourishment is caused by:

Blood Deficiency
Blood is made through the digestive process, and blood deficiency can be caused by dietary, or digestive insufficiencies. Common Signs of blood deficiency can include:

  • premature hair loss or graying
  • pale fingernail beds that may be dry or withered and split easily
  • pale tongue.
  • dryness, cracking or itchiness of skin
  • in women menses are scanty and light colored with longer cycles or no cycle at all.

Poor flow (Qi stagnation)
Stress and emotional constraint can restrict the flow of qi and blood in the chest, neck, shoulders, face and head. Massage, meditation, and relaxation techniques can help restore this flow.

Patency of the vessels
The size, diameter, degree of obstruction and overall  health of the tiny blood vessels that conduct nourishment to the hair follicles can also determine one’s ability to grow a healthy head of hair. Genetic factors as well as acquired factors can weaken the health of the vessels making these capillaries fragile, narrow, or obstructed leading to poor hair growth and undernourished follicles.


What Causes Premature Gray Hair?

Premature greying is caused by a deficiency of Jing, also known as Essence.

Jing effects the course of reproduction, maturation and aging. When jing is weak, you age rapidly. If jing is restored, you will become vital and mature slowly.

Several herbs are considered jing tonics. Among them, He Shou Wu, is thought to be best at restoring hair color and reducing hair loss.


Herbs for Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Alopecia can be induced by stress, hypothyroidism, topically-applied chemicals, chemotherapy, and genetic circumstances. Alopecia areata may persist for several months to a year or longer.

Chinese medicine sees alopecia as caused by blood deficiency with internal or external invasion of wind. Alopecia can be complicated by blood stagnation and/or heat in the blood. Consultation with a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine is recommended.



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