Chinese Medicine for Losing Weight

Overweight People Are Uncommon In China.

If you visit China, you will see cities bustling with millions of people, and you may not see a single overweight adult. Fat people are rare in China. Are the Chinese starving? Hardly. There’s plenty of food, and the Chinese spend a lot of time preparing food, talking about food, and eating food.

Westerners also think about food, talk about food, and eat food. But almost all Chinese people are slim, and many Americans and Europeans are obese.

Interestingly in poor countries the rich people are obese, but in rich countries the poor people are obese.

The Best Diet Medicine May Be the Chinese Diet

The menu at Chinese restaurants in the West do not typify the diet of the average person in China. Chinese dishes in the West are often loaded with high calorie deep fried selections, few vegetables, and enormous portions. Most people bring home left overs after stuffing themselves at a Chinese restaurant.

In China or Japan, meals consist largely of rice or noodles, vegetables, and a small amount of meat or seafood. These meals will fill you up, but won’t make you fat.

Weight issues are complicated, because weight gain can be tied to emotional issues as well as cultural eating habits, so there’s no guarantees that any particular herbal diet medicine will work for everyone. 

The TCM Diet

It’s not just what you eat. It’s how you eat.
Learn to eat moderately to restore normalcy.

Eat regularly.
Your body adjusts to regular events. Timing is important for good digestion, providing more energy from less food.

Enjoy your food.
Pay attention to the flavors and textures of the food you eat, and spend more time eating. You will be satisfied by less food.

Eat less.
Eat what you like, just less. Leave the table mid-meal, then return in 15 minutes if you are still hungry.

Enjoy your hunger.
Hunger is the feeling of losing weight. If you’re fat, hunger is good for you. It rarely lasts long, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Eat like a Chinese person.
Eat mainly rice or noodles, vegetables, and a little meat or seafood. Eat only this and you will lose weight.

Get A Life.
There are other pleasures in life besides food. Add something pleasurable to your life. Learn something, try something, start something, go somewhere. Challenge yourself.

Be vigilant.
Food is cheap. Anyone can eat like the emperor. Most people must eat less than 1200 calories per day to lose weight, so be aware of what are you eating. Write it down. Add it up.

Perseverance furthers
Only effort matters. Success and failure have their turn. Get back on the horse.

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Herbs for Dieters

There are remarkably few formulas in the annals of Traditional Chinese Medicine that are specific for obesity.  Historically, starvation was a much more common problem than was obesity. Traditional Chinese Medicine regards 'fat' as a form of phlegm, and the few formulas that exist to treat obesity all contain herbs that resolve phlegm.  Some of these herbs are the same as you'd use to treat a phlegmy cough.  Despite the fact that obesity was rare, some weight loss herbs and medicines have survived the test of time.

Some weight loss solutions come from the East in the form of diet medicines made with Chinese herbs. Some herbal diet medicine will optimize your digestion, enabling you to get more energy from the food you eat. Another diet medicine might help you feel full.  A few practical modern day herbal products can be of use to anyone on a diet.

Astra 18 Diet Pills

Astra Diet Tea

Bo Jen Mi Tea

Better Digestion Formula:  More Energy from Less Food
No matter what kind or diet you are on, thise Chinese herbal formula can result in better digestion and potentially lower food requirements.  Combine equal amounts of the following herbs.

Crataegus (Shan Za)
Aurantium Fructus – (Zhi Ke)
Zingiberis radix – (Sheng Jiang)
Perilla folium – (Zi Su Ye)
Pogostemon herba (Huoxiang)
Citrus pericarpium (Chenpi)
Raphanus semen (Laifuzi)

Ruin Your Appetite Formula

This combination of herbs is said to reduce the appetite by lifting the stomach qi to cause a sensation of fullness. It is best used by people with normal digestion and is not recommended for those with digestive problems. It is used for courses of 4 months or less. Combine equal amounts of the following herbs.

Platycodi – (Ji Geng)
Notopterygium -(Qiang Huo)
Bupleurum – (Chai Hu)
Rehmannia – (Shu Di Huang)
Cimicifugia -(Sheng Ma)



Acupuncture weight loss treatment stimulates the body to release endorphins, which may help controlling body appetite. They have a relaxing and calming effect that helps the body to deal with stress. Moreover, these "feel-good" pain relieving chemicals helps in enhancement of the metabolism and will power.

A practitioner would choose points of treatment depending on the patient's diagnosed problem. The needles are then inserted in these points. Once inserted the needles stay in place for about 30-45 minutes per session, then they are removed. 

Points in the ear are replaced with ear tacks or ear staples and an adhesive is placed over them. These are meant to continue treatment in between sessions. 

When the patient feels an urge to eat in between meals or when it is unnecessary to eat, they apply a mild pressure on the ear staples; alternatively rub them back and forth for about 20 seconds. This results to a direct stimulation causing a mild endorphin release, relaxing the patient to regain control.

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