Tong Jing Pian

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Tong Jing Pian ( Wan * )

aka Calm in the Sea of Life


Calm in the Sea of Life is used for:

  • Menstrual cramps
  • Supports normal menstruation

TONG JING WAN TCM Uses and Properties

  • Regulates Menstruation
  • Invigorates Qi and Blood
  • Breaks Blood Stasis


  • Forbidden during pregnancy
  • Contraindicated for extremely weak patients.
  • Use with caution during heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Avoid while taking anti-coagulant drugs
  • Contains tree nuts

TONG JING WAN is intended for health care professionals or for those knowledgeable of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Traditional Chinese Medicine is powerful and reliable, but it can be complex. As TCM is not based on symptoms alone, self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't recommended. Best to start a low cost online-herbal-consultation.

TONG JING WAN  Serving Size

7 TABLETS, 3X a day, or as prescribed.
Best on an empty stomach. Start taking MensesEase™ 5 days before the onset of menses and continue till 2 days into menses. Or it may be taken during the whole menstrual cycle.


TONG JING WAN  Ingredients

  1. TAO REN, Prunus persica seed
  2. BAI SHAO, Paeonia lactiflora root
  3. DAN SHEN, Red Root Sage root
  4. PU HUANG, Typha angustifolia pollen
  5. WU YAO, Lindera strychnifolia root
  6. YAN HU SUO, Corydalis yanhusuo rhizome
  7. DANG GUI, Angelica sinensis root
  8. XIANG FU, Cyperus rotundus rhizome
  9. HONG HUA, Carthamus tinctorius flower
  10. TIAN SAN QI, Panax notoginseng root
  11. CHUAN XIONG, Ligusticum wallichii rhizome


Compared to teapills known as WAN, ActiveHerb's PIAN are Extra-Strength tablets made from concentrated herbs, and require a smaller dosage.  This makes the Activeherb version a decidedly good value.

What’s the Difference Between, PIAN, WAN, TANG, SAN, SHUI and GAO?

  • PIAN = Tablet (modern looking pill)
  • WAN = Pill (old-style or handmade pill, or black teapill)
  • TANG = Water Decoction (boiled whole herbs)
  • SAN = Powder (milled or granulated)
  • SHUI = Tincture (extract with alcohol or other solvent)
  • GAO = Paste (topical unguent or plaster)

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