Hawthorn Fat Reducing tablets / Authentic GMP Version

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Hawthorn Fat Reducing tablets

Supports Normal Blood Cholesterol

Hawthorn Fat Resisting Pills Use and Indications for it's Use

Hawthorn berries have been used in China for hundreds of years to support a healthy heart. Modern day practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicine, use hawthorn berry (SHAN ZA) to remove surplus fat and facilitates fat burning. TCM indications for using it include obesity, as well as high cholesterol.

Hawthorn Fat Reducing Pills Ingredients:

• Hawthorn berry 55mg
• Sickle-pod seed 27mg
• Silk tree (leaf) 18mg

Hawthorn Fat Reducing Pills Dosage: 

As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules 3 times a day after meal
1 bottle/100 Tablets




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