Astragalus | Huang Qi | Chinese Herb for Immunity | Pesticide Free

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Chinese Herb for Immunity

Choose pesticide free whole astragalus or top quality granulated astragalus.


PROPERTIES of Astragalus (Huang Qi)

Warm and Sweet

Organs Effected by Astragalus

Spleen and Lung

Astragalus' TCM Functions

    • Benefits the Wei Qi 
    • Raises the Yang Qi
    • Stops Sweating
    • Promotes Urination
    • Promotes the Discharge of Pus

How to Use Astragalus (Huang Qi)

Whole herb - 9 grams - 1 ounce. Astragalus is one of the few Chinese Herbs that is often used alone. Herbs are boiled (usually in formula) for 10 - 40 minutes


Granules - 1 - 2 grams, 2-3 times a day. Usually combined with other herbs 


Astragalus (Huang Qi) Side Effects & Contraindications

  • Contraindicated in Yin Deficient Heat patterns
  • Contraindicated in Exterior Excess Heat Patterns, such as flu, measles, etc.


Herbs Often Combined with Astragalus

  • REN SHEN (Ginseng) for fatigue
  • MU LI, FANG FENG for spontaneous sweating
  • BAI ZHU for weak Spleen Qi
  • SHENG MA for organ prolapse
  • DANG GUI for deficient blood
  • GUI ZHI and HAN FANG JI for edema
  • SHAN YAO and SHU DI for Wasting & Thirsting (diabetes)
  • CHUAN SHAN JIA to expel pus
  • FU ZI for YANG deficient sweating



Statements are for educational purposes and are not meant to substitute for the advice of you health care provider. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their health care provider before taking any herbal remedy.




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