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Discounts on Dr. Shen Brand Herbal Products For Practitioners, Retailers, and Online Merchants

Make A Healthy Profit.
Sell Dr. Shen's Amazing Herbal Remedies.

We are happy to offer a professional discount on Dr. Shen brand products to practitioners and resellers in the USA.

If you are a practitioner and/or reseller and wish to qualify, please call.

Practitioners call 877-922-4372,
Retail or online stores call 1-800-475-1394

Or email us at sales@drshen.com.

You will need to fax us proof of reseller status, such as a resale tax document or professional license or certification. Fax to: 510-548-2183

Discount prices are given for practitioners and resellers in the USA only. Minimum orders are generally 4 or more assorted bottles. Initial order must be over $100.

Best wishes, sales@drshen.com



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