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Food as Medicine: How to Balance Your Diet

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Healing Through Use of Natural Foods

"Modern medicine seems to ignore the obvious: foods can stimulate body processes and potentially trigger (or relieve) countless pathologic events..."
-from A Patients's Guide to Chinese Medicine

Dietary imbalances or extremes will negatively affect the organs and the qi. An excessively stimulating diet for example, will stimulate body processes, triggering infinite variations of inflammation, fever, hyperactivity, or hormonal abnormalities.

Such patterns appear as fevers, sweats, insomnia, hyperthyroid, inflammatory skin conditions, among others. These conditions will be worsened by over-consumption of foods considered "hot", stimulating, or yang in nature. Overstimulated people may benefit from foods that are considered "cool", "calming", or "yin".

Conversely, those who have cold or "yang deficient" conditions such as low blood pressure, hypersomnia, sciatica, hypothyroid, Hashimoto's complex, may do better with a more stimulating (yang) diet.

Cooking can affect the stimulation properties of food. Boiling and steaming food will result in cooler (yin) foods while frying and barbecuing foods results in more stimulating (yang) foods. 

Keep in mind, when altering your diet, make moderation the rule. Changes are most sustainable when they are introduced gradually. 


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