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Ba Wei Di Huang Wan History

Ba Wei Di Huang Wan is also known as Kidney Qi Pill from the Golden Cabinet. The Golden Cabinet is one of the earliest known texts providing the theoretical basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. One of these theories identifies Qi as our life energy that allows movement. The name of the formula, Kidney Qi Pill, comes from its purpose of boosting that life force, which originates in the Kidney.

What Ba Wei Di Huang Wan (722) is Best For

Ba Wei Di Huang Wan (722) is recommended for people with cold lower body, fertility issues, and weak legs.

Sun Ten Ba Wei Di Huang Wan (722) may used for the following:

  • Abdomen-Tension
  • Cold-Lower Body
  • Legs-Weak
  • Supports normal Kidney function
  • Supports normal bladder functions
  • Supports normal Liver function
  • Supports normal fertility
  • Urination

TCM Functions

  • Warm and supplement kidney yang
  • Nourish yin and yang

How Ba Wei Di Huang Wan (722) Works

Ba Wei Di Huang Wan (722) by Sun Ten helps with these Chinese Medicine patterns:

  • Kidney Yin-Deficient
  • Kidney Qi - Deficient
  • Liver Yin-Deficient
  • Blood-Deficient
  • Kidney-Yang Vacuity

Ba Wei Di Huang Wan (722) Serving Size

2-4 capsules, two to three times a day

Ba Wei Di Huang Wan Shu Ingredient Functions

Di Huang: an anti-aging herb that also relieves anemic symptoms

Shan Yao: Chinese yam boosts energy and helps with digestive and urinary conditions

Shan Zhu Yu: a fruit that regulates menstrual cycle and stops abnormal fluid leakage

Fu Ling: a sweet herb that balances the digestive system and promotes mental tranquility

Mu Dan Pi: a type of bark that clears internal heat and improves blood circulation

Ze Xie: an herb that relieves painful urination, stops diarrhea, and reduces dizziness

Fu Zi: a potent herb that strongly heats the body and relieves pain

Rou Gui: cinnamon bark boosts energy, warms the body, and relieves pain

Ba Wei Di Huang Wan (722) Ingredients



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