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Free & Easy Pills (Xiao Yao Wan) / HIGHEST QUALITY / about One Month's Supply

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Dr. Shen's Free & Easy Pills, Xiao Yao Wan, Xiao Yao San, Xiao Yao Pian, Rambling Powder *

XIAO YAO WAN may be the most often prescribed Chinese medicine in the Western world. It goes by names such as 'Free and Easy Pills, Free and Easy Wanderer', 'Free and Relaxed Pills', and 'Rambling Powder'.  Even though  it was developed in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), almost 875 years ago, XIAO YAO WAN's modern applications are amazing and fascinating.

Why XIAO YAO WAN (Free and Easy Pills) Works

In the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), loss, memory of loss, fear of loss, and other stresses can cause us to tighten in the chest.  All constraint causes QI stagnation. Emotional constraint is known as Liver QI Stagnation, because the organ-system known as the Liver is most sensitive to our emotions and to the emotional environment that we are exposed to. 

Liver QI Stagnation is often experienced as feeling numb or feeling dead.  Liver QI Stagnation is almost always diagnosed, in the West, as depression, and is considered to be a mental or brain problem. Those of us who practice Eastern medicine know that depression or Liver QI Stagnation is, first and foremost, a chest problem, and relief can be readily obtained by 'Opening And Freeing The Qi Of The Chest'.  Upper-body exercise, forceful crying or wailing, chest massage, breathing exercise, acupuncture, and herbal medicine can all help free the QI of the chest.  There are several herbal formulas known to do this; the best known is XIAO YAO SAN, named variously as HSIAO YAO WAN, Free and Easy Pills, Relaxed Wanderer, and Rambling powder.  For the last thousand years, Free and Easy Pills have been the go-to formula for Liver QI Stagnation. It utilizes the combination of CHAI HU and BO HE to free the Liver QI in the chest.

We believe that Dr. Shen's Free & Easy Pills (Xiao Yao Wan) are more effective than similar products imported from China, because Dr. Shen uses premium quality export grade herbs, rather than the B Grade herbs that are normally used to make pills in China.  Dr. Shen also imports their herbs whole, rather than as powder, so the herbs can be identified as being the correct species and grade. The Dr. Shen brand laboratory tests each batch of raw materials in the USA before tableting. Herbs are tested for heavy metals, mold, and harmful bacteria.  Tablets are further tested for dissolvability.  Dr. Shen's Free & Easy Pills (Xiao Yao Wan) are then coated with a thin vegetable glaze for easy swallowing.


When Not to Use XIAO YAO WAN.

  • Stress, Irritability
  • Low Spirits
  • Menstrual Cycle Support
  • PMS Symptoms And Irregular Menses
  • Any Condition Made Worse By Stress


 XIAO YAO WAN - Traditional Chinese Medicine Functions

  • Dispels Liver Stasis Or Accumulations
  • Harmonizes The Liver And Spleen
  • Regulates Qi
  • Nourishes And Invigorates Blood
  • Regulates Menses

Dr. Shen's Free & Easy Pills (XIAO YAO WAN) Safety Cautions and Contraindications

XIAO YAO WAN is generally considered safe for everyone, nevertheless pregnant women are advised to consult with their health care providers before using any supplement. Traditional Chinese Medicine, when used properly, is powerful and reliable, but it can also be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't recommended for chronic, recurring, or serious illness. Best to Find a Local Practitioner or Start an E-mail Consultation now.

Dr. Shen's Free & Easy Pills (Xiao Yao Wan) Dosage:

For maintenance, 2-3 tablets, 2-3 times a day.
For acute condition, use as advised by your health care provider.


Dr. Shen's Free & Easy Pills (Xiao Yao Wan) Ingredients:

  1. CHAI HU, Bupleurum root
  2. BAI SHAO, Paeonia lactiflora root
  3. DANG GUI, Angelica sinensis root
  4. BAI ZHU, Atractylodes macrocephala rhizome
  5. FU LING, Poria cocos fungus
  6. SHENG JIANG, Zingiber officinale rhizome-fresh
  7. GAN CAO, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root
  8. BO HE, Mentha haplocalyx herb

*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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