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Chinese Herbs for Depression & Anxiety: A Collection

Causes of Depression and Anxiety According to TCM:

Western allopathic medicine treats depression and anxiety as separate diseases, and symptoms of abnormal brain chemistry. Thus, pharmaceutical drugs are often prescribed to alter this chemistry to create a sense of normalcy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), on the other hand, understands depression and anxiety as symptoms of imbalance.  "Mental" conditions are not so much brain problems, but rather QI problems, and more particularly, as chest problems. This is because strong emotions (often associated with loss, repressed expression, or other stressful events) cause us to tighten in the chest, restraining flows of Qi to the Liver, Heart and other organs. TCM calls this condition Liver Qi Stagnation. In the West we call it depression.

Constraint of chest energy can build up, leading to a feeling of agitation known as Heat in the Heart. In the West, we call this condition anxiety or panic disorder.

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